There’s plenty to inspire you at St Mary of Charity Church. Take a look at the video or spin through the panoramic tour. If history’s your thing the timeline lists people, events and activities around the area right back to 43AD!


A fascinating insight into the history, design and daily life of The Parish Church of St Mary of Charity and it’s integral role in the colourful story of Faversham for over 1000 years.


Take a virtual tour through the church and it’s transepts, explore the altar, stain glass windows or organ in this stunning high quality panoramic photo tour.


The timeline feature allows you explore the church and Faversham through it’s history. From 43AD right up to today the timeline traces the evolution of the church and town of Faversham.

Faversham is a distinctive and ancient market town and port with a colourful and varied history set in the ‘Garden of Kent’ surrounded by countryside, old Kent villages and farmland.

The parish church of St Mary of Charity, Faversham has roots that extend back to pre-Christian days.

In ordinary life people would be hopelessly lost and muddled if they did not know which month or which season followed which, and so it would be in church life if we did not know the different seasons and holy days throughout the Christian year.

The four acres of churchyard which extend around the church of St Mary of Charity are of great ecological value.