St Mary of Charity is the parish church in the medieval market town of Faversham. Built to InSpire is a church heritage project to celebrate its history and beauty.


We warmly welcome you to come and visit the church whether you want to explore the many historical features or simply enjoy the solace and opportunity for prayer the church provides.

You can find directions and open times on the visiting page.



There is much to explore both online and in Faversham and the church. From hassocks, to misericords, brasses to memorials, the famous painted column and long history of kings and queens.

We’ve added a lot of this material online but there is much more in and around the church itself.


The parish church of St Mary of Charity and the surrounding area provides a great learning environment for getting out of the classroom. We’ve put together both teacher and parent packs to help children, learn, explore and be inspired.

From pirates to architecture, food to rebellions come and learn through Built to InSpire.



As our name suggests this project was built to inspire, whatever your age as a visitor or local to Faversham, there is something to see and discover for everyone.

Take a look at our panoramic tour or watch the video on Faversham the church, or visit to simply wonder through the streets and find peace in the church.