The Built to Inspire project wouldn’t be possible without the kind and generous support of many people and organisations in and around Faversham and beyond. Here we list a few of those along with some other great resources to help you explore, learn and be inspired further.

Anne Marshall

Anne contributed much of the text for our leaflets and information boards and has a wealth of information on the Painted Column on her website, which can be found here

The Passion Cycle
Chris Broadhurst

Chris has provided a superb collection of photos from his visit to the church earlier this year, and you can view the gallery at his site.

St Mary of Charity Pictures 2011
Britian’s Holiest Places

Nick Mayhew-Smith gives Faversham a mention in his new book Britain’s Holiest Places. Below is the book overview and if you like, you can buy it through Amazon.

“Britain’s Holiest Places is the first complete guide of the country’s spiritual heritage. It lists over 500 extraordinary sites where the modern visitor can interact with 2,000 years of Christian history – from miraculous healing pools, astounding works of devotional art, mysterious natural features, world-famous shrines, grand cathedrals to the humblest of country churches. The book encompasses the entire spectrum of church and even folk traditions: Anglican, Catholic, Celtic, Orthodox, Non-Conformist, Presbyterian, Quaker and many others. It should appeal to anyone with a sense of the sacred.”

Buy Britian's Holiest Places